Bidet Seats – A Customer Favorite

One of the most exciting things for us to work on are bathrooms! Well kitchens too, but bathrooms have a special place in our hearts because it’s one of those places where you can relax and let your hair down – literally!

For homeowners, a lot of thought goes into choosing a bathtub, floors, counters, sink, and cabinets. But lately, we’ve noticed that they put a lot more thought into choosing a toilet seat too. That’s because many homeowners notice that toilet seats are no longer boring objects where the only thing that really matters is the color or the amount of water it saves. These days, many toilet seats are manufactured with a built-in bidet. A bidet, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is something people use to wash themselves after they use the toilet. It’s used in many, many countries around the world, though in America it is only beginning to get some attention.

Why install a bidet you ask? Although some people may find it odd to wash themselves after using the toilet, there are many benefits of installing a bidet toilet in the house! For a lot of people, using toilet paper is too harsh on the skin and results in rashes and other complications. Moreover, for people with conditions like hemorrhoids, it’s better not to use toilet paper as it can cause discomfort and make your symptoms worse. Nowadays, washing with water is much more comfortable and hygienic. There is even a dryer on most bidets that will help you dry after washing, or you can simply use a bit of toilet paper to dry.

Besides function, bidet toilet seats are incredibly beautiful. Many also have functions to keep clean automatically. And they have automatic open and close lids too. If you are renovating a home and don’t want to replace your toilet with a bidet toilet, you have the option to replace the seat with a bidet toilet seat. Many of these are also really beautiful and fit most American toilets. House of Ingri uses only the best bidet toilet seats for our customers. As soon as we show our customers the option to install one of these on their toilets, they fall in love with them immediately. In fact bidet seats are one of the most popular items our customers demand.

To use a bidet seat, you need nothing more than a water supply. Most of the seats have heaters to warm the water, so you don’t need a hot water supply. Because we worked out an agreement with our supplier, each bidet seat you order from us when we work on your renovation project will include free installation of an electric plug to use the seat if you don’t already have one. We understand the headaches that plumbing and electrical installations can produce, so there will be no added costs or headaches if you order the bidets through us and hire us for your renovation project!


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