At the age of 20 Ingri began working in the architectural firm Hawk while completing her degree in Architecture from Iowa State University. With over ten years of hands-on experience in the industry, Ingri set out to open her own firm “House of Ingri” to work on projects on a smaller scale. Ingri is one of the pioneers of the tiny house movement, having built over 200 tiny houses across America for hundreds of mortgage-free homeowners.

Besides tiny houses, House of Ingri works on architectural projects including houses for the 21st century featuring the technology and insight that makes them cost- , environmentally- , function- , and style-friendly. Ingri challenges homeowners to rethink how they view their houses.  House of Ingri works on both new and old houses. With respect the older houses, there is a greater focus on renovation and updates to make them appropriate for the changing lifestyles of homeowners.

House of Ingri was established in 2008.